EU Launches a New Anti-dumping Investigation
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Foreign media reported that EU had launcheda new anti-dumping investigation into the import of Chinese solar-glass  product since the end of December lastyear. EU expressed that there is not direct relation between this investigation previous trade disputes about solar panel in Sino-EU.

Radia France Internationale reported on9th, January, Danie Rosario, an European Commission spokesman, had confirmedthe news of the anti-dumping investigation, which is aimed at the underpricedsolar glass imported from China. Les Echos noted that this investigation at therequest of EUProSun was launched on 19th, December. Besides, UlrichFrei, thechairman of EUProSun, said to AFP on 8th, the price of solar glass from Chinawas low to “ridiculous”. Even if high import tariff was added, the export pricewas still lower than its manufacturing cost.

Ulrich Frei emphasized that the anti-dumping investigation was aimed at rescuing the employment of PV industry  . By the statistics, the PV enterprises inEurope have a total assets of €210 million furnish employment to more than 1500hs.

Daniel Rosario stressed, “The new investigation is not directly related to the disputes of solar panel. Besides, it referred to different products at different times.”

The disputes about solar panel once led to trade wars between China EU. However, the two sides signed a reconciliation agreement about price commitment inJuly,2013.In addition, for Chinese imports that violate the agreement, EU hasimposed an extra tax on them. It is also regarded as a means of anti-dumpinganti-subsidy.

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