Japan Is Worried About Too Much Energy From Renewables
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Japan is worried about getting too much of its electricity from solar windpower stations. That""s because higher renewable generation wouldforce coal gas power plant operators to slash operating rates, which then wouldpush these conventional electricity facilities over their break-even lines, thegovernment says in a report. Lower generation from thermal power plants meansless carbon dioxide emissions, but the government does not want the shift torenewables to be overdone, citing cases in Spain, Germany the U.K. whereinvestments in thermal power plants have sharply slowed because of large flowof renewable electricity into grids. Japan is currently discussing its energymix in 2030, aiming to come up with a conclusion around late spring to earlysummer. The government wants renewable energy to account for 20% of allelectricity, compared to about 10% now, use nuclear power to cut CO2 emissions.

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